Mark M Nelson

"Hey!  Wait a minute....
I'm trying to draw that."

Mark M Nelson works in watercolors, mixed media and metal sculpture. In his studio in New Braunfels, Texas, Nelson crosses and interconnects the mediums of his choice, line drawings and sculpted metal. He obtained his Associates Degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in sculpture and printmaking and attended Dunwoody Technical Institute.                                 

Drawing on a regular basis to stay in touch with his art, Mark Nelson says his sketchbook is a journal, " a way to touch base with the visual side of life."  Over time, he has captured over three hundred musicians during live performances, in pen and ink and watercolor, from bars, coffeehouses and cafes all over the United States. With sketchbook and watercolors, Nelson is a regular at Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas.  Many of his sketchbook pages are in the collections of musicians and tourists and locals.

Nelson uses forge, anvil and torch in creating his sculptural works.  He allows the material to dictate the form from which each piece uniquely arrives. Making line drawings on sculpted metal, he uses the positive and negative space within each piece.  Nelson uses discarded automotive sheet metal; therefore each piece he creates has the technology of a different era in its construction.

Mark Nelson has proudly provided architectural elements for individuals, foundations and businesses from New York to California.  His flags, made from old car parts, are in collections all over the United States.  Nelson's work has been on display at the San Antonio Airport Love Texas Gallery, Ironwood Industries Gallery in Austin, and at Buck Pottery and Lone Star Country Goods in Gruene, Texas.  Currently, the sculptures and handmade welded gates permanently displayed at the Gruene River Grill are Mark M. Nelson creations.  Mark is available for commissions and originals as well as prints.

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